1000’s of Volkswagen’s at Pontiac Silverdome

It looked like the 1980’s again when the northern Detroit stadium was the the home of the Detroit Lions and the site of  Super Bowl XVI.  The urban ruin of the Pontiac Silverdome is now playing host to 1000’s of Volkswagens parked in the open. VW purchased back the  vehicles as part of the $15 Billion settlement the company made as a result of IMG_0738their diesel emissions scandal. The Silverdome is only a few miles away from VW’s North American headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

IMG_0739The city of Pontiac is suing the owners of the property claiming they don’t have a use permit to store the vehicles. The 82,000 seat Pontiac Silverdome sits abandoned and open to the elements. It’s been a favorite photo shoot site for urban ruins artists and the set of a movie.

Trump Stops Plan to Keep Asian Carp Out of Great Lakes

carpU.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ was scheduled to release draft results of a study two years in the making that many hoped would provide a workable plan to combat the invasive species’ advance through Illinois rivers toward Lake Michigan. But a spokesman for the government agency said the release was “deferred” at the ninth hour.

Its expected that the plan would call for improvements would be made on the lock and dam is on the Illinois Des Plaines River, part of a waterway network that links the carp-infested Illinois River with Lake Michigan.

The imported big head asian carp — which are filter feeders that consume huge amounts of biomass and grow to near 100 pounds while outcompeting native species — could wreak havoc on the Great Lakes ecosystem and its multi-billion-dollar sport-fishing industry.

Experts predict the carp would devastate the Great Lakes ecosystem through out competing native species as they have in several other locations.

Trump to Great Lakes Region “You’re Expendable”

downloadA crushing blow came in yesterday to the Great Lakes region. In the 2018 budget, the Trump administration slashed the EPA’s funding from its paltry $300m to $10m. This effectively guts the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The GLRI funds state and local projects that combat invasive species, restore wildlife habitats and clean up watersheds polluted by a Rust Belt economic legacy across the eight-state Great Lakes region. It has traditionally enjoyed strong bipartisan support in Congress.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania — Great Lakes states that backed Trump in the election last year — have all received funding under GLRI.

“These cuts will essentially stop restoration efforts in their tracks in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio,” said.U.S. House Great Lakes Task Force Chair Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland.