1973 Has Everyone Forgot What Happened?

1973 oil crisis 2It was 1973 the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries founded in 1960 in Baghdad and operating in the Middle East placed an embargo on oil going to the United States. There is a lot of folks here who weren’t born yet or if they were, they were too young to remember when the Arab states literally had us humbled. There was gas rationing, or worse, no gas available at all. The event shook the mighty United States to its core. It was promised by the government and the private sector that we would strive for energy independence.  


Fast forward 45 years. Has everyone forgot? It’s true, wind energy is not perfect. They are large, they blink at night, they are not 100% effective and some folks can’t be near them. But they do represent a huge step toward energy independence.  Some very conservative states like Iowa have a goal to be 100% fossil fuel free. They do not want to be beholden to the Middle East ever again. 


Soon cars, trucks and even lawnmowers will not use fuel. Our economy and way of life will depend on energy produced by the very same wind turbines now in operation here in the Thumb.

Don’t forget it still takes fossil fuel to extract and transport coal. With an embargo it’s now a matter of a few weeks before the lights go out.  


Huron County is literally  the tip of the spear in direction that this nation will go for energy independence. So vote your conscious on Tuesday May 2. History will be the judge of the outcome.