The Most Precious Thing I Have..

I met this girl. 

I met this girl on the beach in Florida. I was a freshman and so was she. I was wearing one of those “dorm shirts”. She spotted me, I immediately noticed her.  

We ended talking all night. It was amazing how a person could be so interesting and share so much with. 

We watched the sun come up.


It was four years later. 

It was four years of endless study, Big Gulps from 7-11 that you could take in the Library. Jumping on benches at the fraternity house. Our first walk-up apartment. Me coming in at 2am with a $100 cash and a hot pizza after delivering them for 8 hours. She took the bus to work and school. Then came home and studied for 6 hours. We got an account at MSUFCU, bought a car, a computer.

We sat in our small duplex and mapped out our next 30 years on a yellow legal pad. I don’t know what became of that list…its likely in box. But I remember each item we were to accomplish together. I think each one has been scratched off. Except one. 

It was time to take the next step. 

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We got married among very dear and cherished family and  friends. Some have passed, some have moved on.  Life has been fun, challenging  and some days consuming. We wish we could all reach out to you more often. You were part of a very special time.

It was so very hot.  

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Babies, birthdays, celebrations, soccer-baseball-football-basketball, summer camp, weddings, reunions and graduations made up the ebb and flow for the next three wonderful decades. We did it together, we did it with the help and support of a wonderful extended family.

It was, and is, the best of times. We are truly blessed.  

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Today marks 30 years.

I want that girl on the beach to know I cherish and am thankful for each day we have shared together, the work we have done together, the beautiful boys we have raised together. I want to tell that beautiful girl that she is truly loved by me and our family. 

Soon, God willing, we will accomplish one of the last things on that yellow legal pad. I would like to show you around a bit. I think you will enjoy it. 

I Love You Melissa. Happy Anniversary. 

Oh…one last thing…I packed a fresh legal pad.